About Us

Here at EverythingMusic.com we have some pretty grand aspirations. We are currently focused on becoming the internet's best location to find music related learning resources. Everything from the basics of music theory, or learning to play a particular instrument, through to mastering recording techniques and studio software. If we don't have it on our website yet, we are probably already working on it. Our resources won't be restricted to the website alone, we also have many plans for mobile applications too. In addition we aim to work with our partners to point you in the right direction to find the best educational content available elsewhere. It is all about becoming the one stop shop to find all you need to succeed in your musical goals.

Of course, with a name like EverythingMusic.com, believe us when we say we have even grander goals and ideas for the future. So many in fact that it is difficult to keep a lid on it! Our passion for all things musical is absolute and is the daily driving force behind the ongoing evolution of our website and apps. We sincerely hope you will join us on our shared journey through the world or music.

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