C Augmented Chord

Also known as:
Caug , C+

The Augmented Chord has an Augmented quality which includes a Major Third interval and an Augmented (raised or sharpened) Fifth that produces a mysterious, tense sound. Augmented Chord contains the notes C, E, G♯. The Augmented Chord is a Triad type chord which means it consists of only three notes, the Root C, the Third E, and the Fifth G♯.

Below you will find the Augmented Chord notes, notation, degrees, intervals, related scales and chords, and more.


C, E, G♯





C > C0Perfect Unison (P1)
C > E4Major 3rd (M3)
C > G♯8Augmented 5th (A5)

Scales related to C Augmented Chord

Different Spellings

Scales that include different spellings of all the notes of the C Augmented Chord.

VI+ Chord of F Phrygian Dominant Mode

Chords related to C Augmented Chord

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